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Simply Connect and Grow Your Business

Well over 60% of all business is referred or repeat

Use iRelate™ to build better connections and increase your referral and repeat business.

iRelate™ is a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that helps you build business with the connections you already have.

You Connect With Them 

Use iRelate™ to connect with each of your contacts individually


Call, email or use social media


Send personal notes, birthday and special occasion cards


Have coffee, lunch, or simply pop-by

iRelate™ evenly distributes your work into simple, weekly tasks.
It tells you what to do and when to do it.

They Connect With You 

Be human. Be you.


  Write a Personal Update

  • Talk about your family
  • Share your hobbies and interests
  • Connect with them

  Personalize With Your Photos

  • Share your favorite photos
  • Upload up to 4 each month

  Professionally Written Content

  • New content each month
  • Professional team of writers

  Professionally Designed

  • Your contact info and headshot
  • Consistent clean layout
  • Professional designers

Focus on Referral and Repeat Business 

Spend your time and money where it counts

“I have had so many of my clients and friends actually call to thank me for my newsletter and comment on how they enjoyed the pictures and info on real estate. One of my clients carries it in her purse to show people.”BROOKE BOYD - iRelate User Since 2014
“Using iRelate’s system, we have seen our repeat and referral business blossom well above the national average of 60% to 77.5% in 2009, over 80% in 2012, and now… over 90%.”JASON & TARA BOSTON - iRelate User Since 2008
“I love iRelate! My business is 90% referral based and the iRelate system makes it so simple to maintain that ever so important personal contact with my clients. Over the last 3 years of using iRelate, my business has grown by over 35%!”DAMIAN WISE - iRelate User Since 2012
“Bottom line, I recommend it to anyone, and won’t be without it anytime in the foreseeable future. It has helped my business but in addition, it has helped my self-esteem, my confidence, and most of all my life.”SANDY TAYLOR - iRelate User Since 2010, Realtor Since 1974

Build a better business by building better connections.

30 Day Trial