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There isn’t an agent out there that would argue working with past clients, or those referred from past clients is the most rewarding aspect of being in real estate. Using iRelate’s system, we have seen our repeat/referred business blossom well above the national average of 60% to 77.5% in 2009, over 80% in 2012, and now… over 90%.

Sharing our ‘human side’ (stories about us, our kids, our hobbies) in our newsletter allows people to get to know us. We’ve found when we then reach out to get to know them, it’s a lot easier because of the ‘common ground’ we’ve created. I would encourage anyone to use iRelate to consistently stay in touch and build invaluable connections.


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I am an agent at Keller Williams in Longmont, CO and have been sending out iRelate newsletters for the past 4 or 5 months. I want to be an agent that builds long-term genuine relationships with my clients and was really concerned about the other advertising options being too impersonal or desperate. I have had so many of my clients and friends actually call to thank me for my newsletter and comment on how they enjoyed the pictures and info on real estate. One of my clients carries it in her purse to show people. This is the only advertising I’m doing and am very pleased with the results.


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For as long as I have been licensed, partnered in two offices and satisfactorily owned my own shop, this has been the best tool I have used. One transaction a year more than pays for it, the rest has been a bonus.

In the past I would contact former clients in a haphazard manner. Sometimes we would meet for coffee or run into one another. When you shared iRelate with me, I was ready for a change, pared down my contact list and went to work.

The newsletter has, on many days, been hard for me. Who would be interested in what I was doing and what did that have to do with selling their properties? It has been a great boost to me. I get calls and emails telling me how much they love the newsletter and how fun and positive my life sounds. Have I mentioned the referrals? They come from the strangest places and at the strangest times from the greatest sources. As I have progressed with iRelate, I spend a lot more time on the phone, making appointments, meeting new people and refreshing those who have been there for a long time. Bottom line, I recommend it to anyone, and won’t be without it anytime in the foreseeable future. It has helped my business but in addition, it has helped my self-esteem, my confidence, and most of all my life.

Keeping a database has always been a challenge to me. How to keep track, what is an ‘A’ client, when to let go, when to add someone as not everyone belongs on it. As I have evolved in iRelate’s process, I find it an invaluable tool.

I love getting my weekly homework. It makes it easy to get those calls made and the notecards out. I receive many messages from my clients about how getting ‘real mail’ is fun.

This program has given me many, many ongoing conversations on a personal and business level. I am forever grateful that you have shared iRelate with me and given me the opportunity to be a part of this.


President, Kristel Acre & Associates, Inc.
iRelate User Since 2013

Since using iRelate as my one and only contact management system, I find that I am working far more efficiently and reaching a deeper level of connection with my clients and contacts. I believe a successful real estate practice is based on meaningful relationships with the clients and contacts in my sphere of influence. I prefer to work with people who have similar interests and goals. The newsletter allows people to get to know me on a more personal level, maybe before we even officially meet. The weekly reminder of key tasks to complete ensures I reach out in a personal way to my “A & B” clients. Since 95% of my business is generated through referrals, I need a tool to consistently reach my audience without coming across as desperate or greedy. After 18 years in the industry, I can honestly say that my business is stronger thanks to this simple to use system. I highly recommend iRelate to all serious real estate professionals.


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iRelate User Since 2010

I love using iRelate. It keeps me in front of my most important customers on a monthly basis. My clients have all commented on how great the personal aspect of the newsletter is. With the new format, I am even getting compliments on the content of the newsletter. It’s relevant information that they enjoy reading. The iRelate system makes it so easy. All I need to do is submit a couple paragraphs on what’s going on in my world and the rest is already done for me. No stuffing, licking or stamping. It’s really a time saver.

Because I have stayed in front of my clients consistently, I receive referrals regularly. 95% of the business I do comes from past clients referring me to their friends and family.

The system is extremely easy to use. It allows me to keep notes on conversations I have, I can remind myself of birthdays, kids names, anniversary dates of when they purchased. All my clients absolutely love that I remember their birthday and send a card. It makes them feel special.

iRelate is a must have if you want to increase your real estate transactions.


The Wise Team at KW 1st Realty
iRelate User Since 2012

I love iRelate! My business is 90% referral based and the iRelate system makes it so simple to maintain that ever so important personal contact with my clients. Over the last 3 years of using iRelate, my business has grown by over 35%! It pays for itself over and over again! I would and WILL recommend this product to anyone working a referral business. And not just for Realtors either!


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iRelate User Since 2012

When I started in real estate I knew a key component for my success would be quality marketing materials. I researched many options like Constant Contact and the many options available through the Keller Williams web site. They all had features I did not like. I wanted something that I didn’t have to put much thought into but expressed my feelings. I was new to the industry, I could not afford to put money and effort into a bad campaign. Then I was shown iRelate.

It covered all my needs, quality material and quality printing that I could personalize and make my own. Then I had to consider the cost: postage, content and my time equaled far more than what iRelate was going to cost me. It is effortless. I also use the contact management system as my only system. I bought Top Producer but it was too difficult for me to maneuver while starting my business. I had enough to learn without that! I cancelled it when I found iRelate. It is such a simple system that even I can do it.

The feedback I get from friends, family and clients about the newsletter has been great! It helps my business stay in their memory each month and it provides some great information. I recommend iRelate to all the new agents I mentor. You cannot find a better more effortless program in my opinion. I can concentrate on my clients and their needs, not a newsletter.


Realtor Since 2010
iRelate User Since 2012

iRelate’s newsletter option is the best! I love quickly customizing it to fit my business and sending out something each month to my clients that is informative and professional looking!